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Royal Heart


This story is about one side of love that will stand before the nation and ask for a Royal Heart… Two hearts that defy the customs and traditions of the royal family and the ideas of an entire nation, Will love will survive these difficult circumstances?!

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Mine 24\7

If you like Bodyguard Romance this book for you

“In the midst of a picturesque coastal retreat, where the ocean whispers secrets and the breeze carries the scent of uncertainty, a young woman stands at the edge of a cliff, her gaze lost in the vastness of the sea. Beside her, a man named Mongkut, engrossed in his phone oblivious to the emotional turbulence brewing in the heart of his lover. Two years of love, trust, and doubt intertwine in this moment, as questions linger in the salty air, demanding answers that may unravel more than just a relationship.”

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Noorsin’s Tears

If you like romantic arranged marriages, this book is for you

When he saw her, he was angry because he found her beauty too difficult to resist. He felt like she had sabotaged his plans to stay away from marriage and relationships altogether. The marriage took place quickly, and they both felt a sense of debt to each other. However, his wife shocked him when she expressed her desire to keep their marriage on paper, so they could divorce after a while. This led to a five-year marriage of convenience that was miserable for both of them.

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A Short Novila On Instgram I explain in the form of a diary the life of two individuals who have been wronged by life and pleased by love, recounting their lives with their pen on their day.

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