Cora Reilly: The Queen of Mafia Romance


When it comes to romance novels that pack a punch, Cora Reilly is a name that resonates with readers around the globe. With a flair for weaving tales of love, power, and loyalty, Reilly has carved out a niche that’s both thrilling and heartwarming. Her books are not just stories; they’re an experience, a rollercoaster ride of emotions that will leave you clutching your heart – and maybe a garlic necklace, just in case.

Cora Reilly’s series have captivated readers with their intense and dramatic storytelling. Here’s a brief review of her series based on reader ratings and reviews:

Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles: This series is a thrilling dive into the world of the mafia, filled with passion, loyalty, and betrayal. The characters are complex and the romance is fiery, making it a hit among fans of the genre. The first book, “Bound by Honor,” sets a strong tone for the series, which maintains its grip on readers throughout.

List of books in the “Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles” series by Cora Reilly, along with their release dates:

  1. Bound by Honor – 2014
  2. Bound by Duty – 2015
  3. Bound by Hatred – 2015
  4. Bound by Temptation – 2015
  5. Bound by Vengeance – 2017
  6. Bound by Love – 2018
  7. Luca Vitiello – 2019
  8. Bound by the Past – 2020
  9. Bound by Blood: Anthology – 2020

The Camorra Chronicles: Set in the same universe as the Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, this series focuses on the Camorra, a different faction of the mafia. It’s known for its darker themes and more intense drama. The characters are deeply flawed yet fascinating, and the storyline is both raw and compelling.

List of books in “The Camorra Chronicles” series by Cora Reilly, along with their release dates:

  1. Twisted Loyalties – 2018
  2. Twisted Emotions – 2019
  3. Twisted Pride – 2019
  4. Twisted Bonds – 2019
  5. Twisted Hearts – 2020
  6. Twisted Cravings – 2021

Sins of the Fathers: The latest series by Cora Reilly, it explores the consequences of the past and the complex nature of family and duty within the mafia. The series has been well-received for its intricate plot and character development, with each book building on the tension and stakes of the story.

The “Sins of the Fathers” series by Cora Reilly consists of the following books in order of release:

  1. By Sin I Rise: Part One – 2021
  2. By Sin I Rise: Part Two – 2021
  3. By Virtue, I Fall – 2022
  4. By Fate I Conquer – 2022
  5. By Frenzy I Ruin – 2024

Reilly’s latest work, ‘Dangerous Innocence,’ part of the ‘Five-Leaf Clover’ series, shows that she’s not afraid to pluck at the heartstrings with a rating of 3.48. It’s a tale of a good girl in a bad world, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a story where the protagonist might need to use a safe word that’s also a safe code?

Cora Reilly’s books are for those who love their romance with a side of danger and a sprinkle of illegality. Her writing is as addictive as the Godfather trilogy, only with more kissing and less horse heads in beds. So, if you’re looking to escape into a world where love battles it out with the law, Cora Reilly’s books might just be your new best friends. Just remember, keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your bookshelf stocked with Cora Reilly.

Overall, Cora Reilly’s books are praised for their emotional depth, intricate plots, and the way they immerse readers in the dangerous yet alluring world of the mafia. Her ability to create a vivid atmosphere and complex characters has earned her a dedicated fanbase and solid ratings across her series.


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